Monday, May 30, 2016

A Little Taste

Happy Memorial Day to You!

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend and we all remembered what the real celebration is for.

We had a good weekend.

Friday my boys wanted to go to a little "Friday Night Live" at the school so I dropped them off. I thought only one was going but they both ended up going. I then went to a girlfriend's house and got to spend time with her, her hubs, and both of her boys. One of which is a 13 month old flirt. He is too cute and I loved watching him smile and laugh. The cutest. I really love babies smiles when they only have a few teeth. It is the cutest thing.

I did the most fun workout on Saturday. I didn't die, thought I might, but I didn't. It was lots of high intensity and fun music. I will definitely be going back. :) After that, we headed to my parents for the night and stayed the night. I took the boys fishing (which was a fail) and then we went to dinner. We went to one place and my parents went to a different one.

Sunday, my mom made the best breakfast .. French toast .. and bacon .. lots and lots of bacon. We had a late lunch/early dinner and headed home for family movie night. "My Girl" it was. My boys liked it..I cried. Typical.

Today, I woke up to a scary text from one of my closest friends. She had to have emergency surgery and thankfully she is back home now and on the mend. But man, I was a mess. I love her like a sister. We then rushed back to meet some friends for a movie only to pull in and find out it was Sold Out. Fail!! We then came home and swam and laid by the pool. Pretty chill afternoon. I like it!

I hope everyone had wonderful weekend and got some rest and is ready for the week!

I have an appointment with my trainer Wednesday morning ... not sure what I'll fit in tomorrow...We have plans tomorrow evening. Can't wait to spend time with my ex-Stepson...though to me, he will always be my "son."


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Currently ...

Currently ...

Feeling .... sad. We were supposed to make a trip to see my bestie and she is unfortunately, under the weather .. waaaaay under the weather. Her health is way more important so we will definitely be rescheduling.

Reading ... nothing ... I suck...I want to read more...It's always loud here. Dang boys..:) Wouldn't have it any other way. And by the time it's nighty night time ... well, duh, it's eyes shut!

Watching ... "How to be Single." I rented this the other night and have literally watched it 4 times. My rental is up in 3 hours. Boo.

Wanting ... a Massage! I have three free ones to use my June 5 .. pretty sure that isn't happening.

Working on ... blog posts .. thinking about what all I want to blog about until the adventures at the parentals begins.

Loving ... that there is only 3 1/2 more days of school. That is only 4 more lunches to make. YES!!

Hope everyone is having a great week. One more day. You got this!!


Monday, May 23, 2016

I'm Going Home

Wow .. once again it's been a while.

At the end of February, man, I got some pretty unexpected news. It rocked my world. All is well and back to normal and for that I am so thankful and grateful!! I've done a lot of soul searching the last few months.

Who am I?
What do I like and love to do?
What do I want to do?
How can I make a difference? Make a change?
What will make me happy?
Will I ever love myself?

I have put a lot of trust and faith in Him. I have not once questioned why things happen or happened. They just did. He knows why. He trusted that I would handle it. And, I did.

What now?

Well, like I said .. I've done a lot of looking at myself on the inside. I have made the decision to move back home. With my parents. For a few months. Max .. a year. There is a lot I want to accomplish in this time frame. I have a goal. A time limit. Nothing more.

My kids are excited. They think Gemms will be cooking them a huge breakfast every morning. Let's just be real .. all Grandmothers can cook, right?! And my mama's breakfast is no exception. None of her meals are. She is an uh-mazing cook!!! I keep telling her she needs to open up her own catering biz. She won't.

And guess what .. you guys (well, whoever reads) are coming along on this journey with me.

I will be posting about our move, how life is living with your folks is, workouts, what I'm doing back in the hometown, etc. I am excited. Nervous. The fear of the unknown is a scary thing. I really think this will be a good thing, a new beginning. Moving an hour away from a completely different city will be a change for us, especially my boys. They've always lived in the 'burbs. Now, it's more like a town. A small town. About 35k people. So, this move really will be a new beginning.

We will be moving in the next couple of months. We will slowly move things a little at a time.

Here's to next time. And I promise it won't be three months!