Thursday, July 26, 2018

IF - Days 3-6

Happy Friyay Eve!!

We are so excited and ready for the weekend over here! This week has gone by surprisingly fast. Thank Goodness!!

My son's birthday is tomorrow and we head out to see their brother, my stepson, this weekend! We are so excited!!

Does anyone else blink and another year has gone by it seems?! Man, time sure does just fly on by!

So, I am still holding strong on my intermittent fasting. I am loving it and the flexibility of it. I have stuck with a 16:8 fasting period. I fast for 16 hours and my eating window is 8 hours. Today, however, I am pushing my eating to a 12 hour eating window. I worked out this morning and to be honest, it's "shark week" next week. I am typically way more hungry the week before that. Plus, tonight we have our monthly girls dinner so I am allowing myself to eat just a bit later/earlier and enjoy myself. I just listen to my body. I am definitely not eating as much nor do I have that big of a sweet tooth. I am still doing my workouts but I did not go to CG this week. I just did my LIIFT4 workouts and am loving those!

I hope next to incorporate walking everyday to my routine beginning next week. It's been so hot here so I will need to do this right after my work out most likely. This will mean getting up just a tad earlier and kicking my day off juuuust right!

Work has been super busy. We have less than three weeks until school starts so we will be getting ready for back to school this coming week. My kiddos will be with their dad the week before going back to school so mama gets a bit of a break!!

I hope everyone has a great day and rest of the week!

Stay Blessed!


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