Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day ** What Are You Doing ** Favorite Candy

Happy Valentine's Day!!

What are you guys doing for Valentine's Day? Did you already celebrate?

I will be working. I work part time in a restaurant and we are fully booked. We took reservations from 5:00 PM - 8:30 PM with a preset menu. Every spot is reserved and we have a waitlist. I am excited. I love super busy nights and it will go fast. It was super busy last night and Thursday and Friday are pretty booked as well. Lots of reservations so far. And let me just say .. I love working here. I had no restaurant experience prior to starting and I just Host but I absolutely love it.

As I mentioned yesterday, I already celebrated with my boys. I just got them something small and they will get that today. What do you get your kids? Do you celebrate? What is your favorite candy to receive. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Saw this gems at Target and had to have a bag. I kept three and sent the bag with one of my sons to hand out to his teachers at school. Win Win!

 Yesterday after my workout and recover drink I was starving, to the point I got the shakes. I whipped up this yummy post workout meal and it was delicious! Hit the spot.
And then I wanted a brownie. These are gluten free. Not dairy free, though. My boys loved them and I didn't tell them they were gluten free until AFTER .. because you know .. they would have a predetermined "I don't like them."  
I did get up and walk my 1 mile today. I wanted to do 30 minutes flat but I had to get back home and I still wanted to get in a leg workout. My calves get tremendously sore/crampy when I am walking. Not sure if it is my shoes or the simple fact I am out of shape lol... but does this happen to anyone and what helped? Weird side note, IF I do the elliptical, my toes go numb. Therefore, I don't do the elliptical all that much. That happen to anyone else?


For my leg workout I did a barre workout. Holy Smokes. I forgot how hard these are. My girlfriends own a Barre studio and used to help her out. Man ... these workouts are NO JOKE!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine's Day celebrating with your spouse, partner, kids, or celebrate yourself!! Do something nice for you.

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