Saturday, September 2, 2017

Should I ?

Happy Saturday Folks!

I am finally blogging from my personal computer and that is the one with the pictures on them. I am debating posting the very raw and embarrassing before picture the posted on that "private" instagram page. I am not sure I am ready to open that up as I want to be more consistent for myself first.

I start a new workout on Tuesday .. 21 day fix .. and it is a HUGE facebook group. I am looking forward to that.

We didn't do much today. I worked out. Then we ran some errands. Did a little fall decorating but still have a ways to go. The workout I did was Cize, "in the pocket." Here is a clip. lol

I have always been one to care what people think about me and that is something that I have worked on now for a while. It is very hard to be so vulnerable when you feel so gross and disgusting. There is only one person who can change that, though!

this was in April...I am a little bit bigger now. :/

Not much on the agenda this evening. Watched some football. Made some dinner. Will read some PD and call it a night!!!

Hope everyone has a great night!!

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