Thursday, September 7, 2017

Currently ...

Happy Thursday!!

I am gearing up for this weekend and once again .. why do the short weeks always feel like the longest?! Here's what is happening:

Feeling ... tired. This school is just kicking my tail. Add to that the fact I have been getting up 4:30/4:45 to work out in the morning! I am beat and look forward to the day I can sleep in til about 6:30...AM.. :)

Reading... You Are a Badass!! I started this a while ago and never finished it (shocking, I know.) I am just taking one chapter a night .. at the least.

Watching .. "Younger." This is my favorite show and the one I religiously watch.

Working on ... ME!

Needing .. to get my photos organized. I have lots of pics to hang up and put in albums and need to get started on that.

Loving .. this weather! It is 54 degrees this morning!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! We have another busy night and so glad I was able to get my workout in this morning!!

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