Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekly Workouts

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!

Anyone having any parties? Going to any parties? Making any yummy snacks?

I believe we are having some ribs, wings, and some dips .. I can't wait.

I wanted to start blogging my weekly workouts. I have been doing very well with my workouts and this is a way to sorta keep up with them and for accountability.

I wanted to workout today but I have worked out everyday for the last 7-8 days and my body needed to rest. I am going on week SEVEN of this cold/allergy/sinus crap so I completely rested today.

Sunday: REST

Monday: 60 min cardio and arm burnout

Tuesday: 30 min cardio and legs

Wednesday: 60 min cardio and leg burnout

Thursday: 30 min cardio and arms

Friday: 60 min cardio, abs

Saturday: 30 min cardio and legs

I hope to add a couple more ab days ... but I will see. I'm not sure what my work schedule is for the week yet so this may be changed up a bit.

Have a good Sunday!

GO FALCONS!! I'm a fan for the day! :)

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