Sunday, July 31, 2016

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Hello, Hello!

If you remember from back a couple months ago, I mentioned we were moving in temporarily with my folks. That happened. We have been moved and everything finally settled for a couple of weeks. I say settled loosely. Very loosely. I am still trying to get my schedule/routine down. This is hard during the summer. The boys are with their dad for a couple weeks so I will becoming acquainted with the local gym here. FINALLY! I am also getting accustomed to my new work scheduled/position.

I ain't gonna lie (I know that isn't proper English) but it is so nice having home cooked meals .. and home cooked meals from Mom!! YUM! Just nothing like it. We do share the cooking duty .. I aim to cook twice a week and her 3-4. :) She was doing our laundry and I told her she didn't have to do it anymore. That was lovely as well. :) Weird, but I sort of like doing laundry.

I have not had any time to do anything really back at home. My day pretty much consists of wake, shower, go to work, home, dinner, play with my kids, bed. Wake up. Repeat. B-O-R-I-N-G. But I am not complaining!

I went through some personal/health issues earlier this year and it has caused me to completely re-evaluate everything. God works in mysterious ways. Just the way things work out (or don't) things that happen. Crazy. He is definitely looking out and knows what's best. Because of this I have decided to completely focus on myself and my kids for the next year. I am not dating at all.

Tomorrow is August 1. For one year I, TSO, am committing to God, my kids, and myself to be the best me I can be. I will elaborate more on the few things I will be doing.

Please check back for updates. My goal is to post daily. I can do this.

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aka ... walking to skinny

Have a great evening. Back to the grind tomorrow!


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